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Prime Fasting
You create
we elevate
Publishing for subscription-based apps.*
*Upon positive traction, we will invest up to $5,000,000 in UA for your app.

Why Us

User Acquisition

We have an in-house creative team, certification from major traffic sources and confirmed cases of earning millions of dollars for our clients. We are going to spend up to $5,000,000 per month on your app.

Huge Marketing Experience

Our extensive experience in working with various app verticals allows us to make the right decisions for your specific app. We’ve spent over $30,000,000 on non-gaming apps already and are striving to spend a lot more.

Influencer Marketing

We know how to pick the right blogger with positive ROI and then measure the results of influencer ad campaigns correctly.

Product & Marketing Analytics

We make all decisions for your product based on metrics which we already have a deep understanding of.


We thoroughly analyze your product funnel and offer you tested hypotheses for its improvement.

Easy exit

We provide you with plain and simple terms of contract termination.

Technology Partners

Collaboration Roadmap

your product

Running AN
advertising test

Soft publishing
agreement signing


You give us access to the analytics systems. We calculate the LTV and audit the app.
The test is at our expense. No risk and no costs for you. Moreover, we’ll validate your app’s metrics.
The conditions of our agreement are transparent. We will take all the risks on our shoulders, providing you a new stream of revenue that will surpass your expectations.
Where the magic happens. At this stage we will generate a lot of growth hacking hypothesis, hundreds if not thousands of ad creatives, and provide a level of scale that will skyrocket your app to the top.

Publishing Cases

Prime Fasting
MRR from $17,000 to $83,000
During our first 3 months of collaboration, Union Apps managed to achieve 5x revenue growth, generating over 90,000 installs and 12,000 subscriptions.
1,500,000 installs in 5 months
Fitingo fitness app was developed in accordance with results of over 20,000 people following a special fitness plan for 6 years.

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